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We are one of the oldest Multifinance/leasing company in Indonesia. Founded on September 21, 1982, the Company was incorporated with the name of "Jaya Fajar Leasing Pratama", which was changed to "Jaya Fuji Leasing Pratama" on March 28, 1983. Then on July 2018, the company's name was changed to "Fuji Finance Indonesia". On July 9, 2019 We became public listed company. Listed on Indonesian Stock Exchange with ticker code "FUJI".

We provide financing for Investments, Working Capitals, Multipurpose as well as Project Financing. Our main focus is corporate and green (renewable projects) financing.

Our Vision:
To be the most preferred financial solutions partner.

Our Mission:
Creating a long terms mutual benefit relationship with our customers and partners.

Meaning of our Logo:
Our logo consists of a circle and 3 spheres. The circle in our logo represent eternity. The two blue spheres represent the 2 guard spheres in character of "Qián" [錢] which symbolize that as a finance company, we must guard our money carefully. The Red sphere in the middle represent the courage in the risky world of finance.

Download our corporate profile here :Fuji Finance Indonesia Profile

PT Fuji Finance Indonesia Tbk. is registered and supervised by OJK  

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