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Anton Santoso - President Commissioner

Born in 1969, Graduated from University of Lowell, MA, USA with Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in 1991. Held a Master of Science in Finance degree from Boston College, MA, USA in 1992.

He serves as the President Commissioner of the company since 2017. Currently he also serves as the President Director of PT Charnic Capital Tbk. He is the Founder and Chairman of Okansa Group of companies, and serves various Top Management positions in several companies within the group.

Previously served various top level management positions in several publicly listed companies in Indonesia. He was the President Director [2015-2019] and President Commissioner [2019-2022] of PT Protech Mitra Perkasa Tbk [OASA]. He was the President Commissioner of Okansa Persada Tbk [OKAS] [2003-2007]. He was the former President Director of Okansa Capital Tbk [2003-2007]

Freddy Santoso - Commissioner

Born in 1946, Graduated from Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia in 1974 with Power Electrical Engineering Degree. Held various positions and over 40 years experiences in Power Electrical businesses. Serve as the Commissioner of the company since 2017.

He is affiliated with Anton Santoso, the President Commissioner and one of the main shareholders of the Company.

Anastasia Christinawati Jaya Saputra - Independent Commissioner

Born in 1991, Graduated from Maranatha Christian University with Economics degree in Accounting. Serve as the Independent Commissioner since 2019.

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