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PT FUJI FINANCE INDONESIA Tbk. offers investment financing facilities for all types of Industrial machineries, Equipment such as power plant equipment (generators, compressor & etc), Heavy equipment (excavators, bulldozers, forklifts) and all types of vehicles, including trucks and buses for transporter or mining needs. Term of financing is more than 2 (two) years.

Financing Methods :

  • Finance Lease

    Customers may own capital goods without substantial funds simply by repaying according to customers capability and requirement, besides that monthly installment can be calculated as customer's tax deduction fee.

  • Installment Finance

    Customers can own engines, vehicles, heavy equipment, by installments in accordance with the capabilities and needs of customers.

  • Sale and Leaseback

    Customers who already have capital goods can sell capital goods to Fuji Finance and lease back from Fuji Finance.

  • Factoring With Recourse

    Customers who are in trouble/under-funded for an Investment can utilize current accounts/receivables that have not been due.

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